Sales & Operations Planning


Though Supply Chain is one of the founding Pillar of an Organization, Sales will always be the foremost priority as it holds the base of all. To optimize all the entities of an enterprise, Sales & Operations are stimulated for a spontanuous involvement in minute changes that are happening in the market place. The enterprises who are successful and profitable must have been handling the sales & operations planning at their best. Sales & Operations Planning is a combination of all key stakeholders of a business which can be held weekly, fortnightly or monthly once to discuss Sales expectations, Order Fullfilment, Forecast changes, Promotional activities, Operations Planning, Operation delays, Expected material delays etc. Most of the issues can be ruled out during this and potential issues can also be addressed with all the key stakeholders present.

As always, the other side to this would be fingerpointing the issues to other entities with various reasons, ignoring the importance of an issue considering the nature of it, argumental state etc., which will then lead to frustration and eventually, Sales & Operations Planning will be considered to be a “Time off” from work and “NO” Productivity.