Business Models and Business Functions are way too scattered in any Organization these days. To bring together all the business units for an adaptable and successful ratio of business, depends on the supply chain practices within any enterprise.

Strong Competition and Fluctuating Market keeps every organization at a fix to have a complete control over the business processes. Sustainability have become increasingly difficult due to increase in expenses such as overhead cost, working capital, material cost etc.Integration and Optimization – such as Business Process Re-engineering, Sales and Operations Planning, Production Planning, Strategic Management, Continuous Improvement, Lean Management & an Effective ERP systems are the key to become a stronger & profitable organization

SiProcSol strongly believe in an Optimized environment to effect the string of successful processes across every entity of the organization; with dedicated concentration on re-visiting Business Processes, Proposing an Ideal Sales & Operational Environment, Optimized Production Planning, Strategic Procurement, Working Capital Reduction, Integrated ERP System, Continuous Improvement Project Proposal & conducting Lean Management practice sessions. Also, SiProcSol will be striving towards new challenges and will be more than willing to assist with.

Planning & Procurement, though they both are different departments, they work alongside on everything. Mostly, this is not the case as Procurement has their own ideas and planning & Production or Distribution has their own

When both the teams are synchronised with the help of an ERP system, then things can flow according to the plan released by the planner.

Once the planning is secured, Procurement can concentrate on the flip side in controlling inventory in order to have a strong finance team as the working capital will be on the low end.

As always, the only part of the organization who can put out all the planning to berserk would be the sales team with an urgent request for production schedule change or distribution schedule change

Every SME’s & MNC’s will come across this on a day to day basis, which will end up in a huge financial loss through Material Unavailability, Downtime in Production, Labour Overhead etc

Procurement sets the base of expenses for every organization and decides the overall cost to manufacture a product. Materials Management via Procurement leads the way to vendor management, Inventory management, warehouse management & cost management.

In most cases, Procurement will be supported by other entities such as Sales & Marketing Team via Forecast, Orders or Potential orders, Manufacturing via production planning for a scheduled period, Finance via cost flows to stock up materials for the requirement. But, the disruptions that are caused to Procurement are also from the above mentioned entities of the business.

To avoid the disruptions, most of the organizations have turned their concentration on having an accurate demand plan, weekly SOP meetings, overhead cost calculation, optimization and integration between business units.

Material cost drives any business on a daily basis, but most of business experience the same kind of issues in holding the right mix of Materials on hand.

Mostly, Materials at the warehouse will be more than what is required for the business.

When the total Inventory of Materials cross a certain level, It has an impact on the Working Capital.

If the Inventory kept at a lower level, any Market Fluctuations are not easier to come across as the materials will not be suitable.

Following Kanban systems, Just-In-Time etc may be of help to an extent but not a solution.

The core of Business Processes can be analysed through the Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Etc.

Many organizations struggle to achieve the best outcome from the ERP systems. This is due to the integration of different modules and the complexities around it.

When the core Business Processes are replicated within the ERP System, the integration amongst the modules ensures the subsequent entities are captured for a successful planning scenario altogether.

MRP, Demand Planning, Sales & Operations Planning and Logistics are the milestones of an ERP system which integrates and optimizes the complete business process of any organization.

SiProcSol prepares to deliver an Integrated ERP system without having to advise on any new Business Intelligence Tools, rather provide support in bringing the existing ERP system to support the business requirement and training the individuals to achieve the best output of the system.

Forecasting and Market Analysis points the direction of an organization in which it has to travel to sustain in the competitive world.

Mostly, Demand Analysis ends up in calculated and educated estimates which deviates rapidly to respond upon. Thus creating a ripple effect with other entities within the organization.

At many instances, An Organization is expected to achieve only a marginal target range.

SiProcSol can assist in preparing an extensive market research and derive a Forecast planning methodology to be able to commence operations at a pace which will be necessary at times.

Every step of Business Process is a key to the success as it holds the basic element “Discipline”

Business Process can be adjusted to every business needs and provide the ultimate system to accomplish the desired state

Each segment or section of the business involves continuous process flow, which enables the action for the subsequent entity

If the entities are lined together, then it will become a win-win situation for the total organization.

We at SiProcSol ascend to a conventional process in Re-visiting the Business process flows throughout the organization by spending exclusive amount of time in the operations environment to come up with the optimum solution.

Strategic Management of every entity of the business is considered to be an ideal organization structure or design.

Strategic Mangement can improve the key performance indicators at each state of the business process.

Demand Planning, Sourcing, Warehousing, Logistics are the important facets of a business to have a strategic plan to act according to the fluctuations.

Every entity of an organization will be under the limelight during the transition of a strategic plan under SiProcSol’s Consultation.

Though every Organization has got the internal Skills & stakeholders to cover off most of the business, Why is there an element of Consultants and Consulting Firms?

Stakeholders of any business holds the responsibility to complete certain tasks and duties at all times. This results in lack of time to implement changes or look out for new solutions to improve the business process.

Most importantly, The fresh set of Eyes always comes up with questions that may not have been raised earlier, but can be a powerful question to find an answer to.


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